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My Online Courses are designed to help you grow as a ministry or nonprofit leader in specific areas of focus. Each class delivers six week of content, and is designed to let you work at your own pace. These courses are perfect for the busy leader who is looking for personal develop around a variety of topics. Each masterclass registration includes a PDF workbook, and a one hour debrief call upon completion. Here are a few of the upcoming offerings:

The Essential Enneagram: This course is designed for leaders who want to use the power of the Enneagram in their personal and professional lives. The course will cover each of the 9 types, centers of intelligence, stances, wings, rest/stress lines, and sub-types. With a focus on practical application, this course will help you uncover your core motivations so you can lead effectively.

Next-Level Nonprofits: This course is designed for the busy nonprofit leader who wants to maximize resources and create sustainable good in the world. The course will cover the five foundations of sustainable nonprofits: vision, values, team dynamics, strategy, and metrics. This course is loaded with practical tips from the trenches of nonprofit leadership.

Essential Preaching: This course is designed for ministry leaders who want to improve their effectiveness as communicators and bring the Bible to life through their preaching. Through this course you will learn the power of, “storying” as a framework for developing powerful sermons. The course will also focus on cultural contextualization, frameworks for message construction, and practical applications.

Essential Teams: This course is designed for leaders who want to unlock the full power and potential of their teams. Using the Mpact framework, you will learn how to identify the strengths of each team member, how to leverage the collective power of your team, and how to customize your team roles for greater impact.

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